A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) might sound complicated. It can be. Don’t let that scare you though, the primary purpose of an SMSF is to simply give you back control of your own Retirement savings; and with the right experts in your corner, a lot of the complexity can be managed for you.

There are some amazing industry and retail super funds out there that will keep your super in safe hands until you need it, however it is YOUR money and likely to be your single biggest asset by retirement; so if you’d like to take the reigns and ensure it’s invested precisely how you would like, then an SMSF is really the only sure way. On top this, an SMSF can allow you to invest in assets such as direct property, that simply aren’t allowed in traditional funds.

We have a conception to completion philosophy at DFG Wealth, with everything from the initial advice, to the set-up of the fund, lending application (if required), investment strategy implementation, and annual reviews included in the service, to ensure you get the support you need. Call our SMSF specialist, Luke Dean today for an obligation free chat.