The big plunge

Things are heating up and we are now experiencing days over 30 degrees celsius; we come home from work, hot and flustered and wondering why we didn’t put that pool in last year.

The risk of gambling

The Spring Racing Carnival seems very glamourous with all its fashion and festivities. The champagne flows and stumbling starts…that’s from the spectators not the horses.

Avoiding the Christmas financial hangover

Minimalists beware; it’s only a few weeks until – Christmas and consumerism are king. Seven weeks to budget and prepare for Christmas seems ample and shops, online and offline are ready to entice our credit cards to be used and reused.

A winning mindset

The other week a group of six tradies won the Powerball enriching each of their lives by over $2.7million.

The great escape

The internet has opened up the world and exposed new and interesting adventures; with the web and social media bringing us together it’s also important we make time to smell the roses.

Should I stay?…or should I go?

Houses have changed in a generation. The twentieth century seems like eons ago. How did we live without a remote garage door, an ensuite and an induction stove top?

To switch or not to switch?

Switching home loans sounds like a confronting task but paying more on your interest only loan must be more frustrating still.