At “DFG Wealth”, we understand people are different. We listen to you, your goals and what’s important to you. We pride ourselves on helping clients to not just understand their life goals, but to attain them.


With a commitment to providing quality service to clients across the Bayside & Mornington Peninsula areas of Melbourne, we believe financial planning is not all about money. It’s about enabling you to get what you want out of life.

We understand that the world we live in is a rapidly changing and complex place with an abundance of free information everywhere. We realise the way people seek and access this information is constantly evolving and can often become overwhelming – making it hard to look past the coming week or month, let alone year.

We help people understand what they have, what their options are and how to make their money work harder. We help by motivating you to take action and empowering you to make smart decisions with your money.

 Clear, concise, and completely transparent advice.

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